Is it danger to have a pet in our home

  • The acquisition of pet relieves anxiety, stress and depression

    If you want to live a long time, and reduce the risk of heart disease, you may be thinking in the acquisition of a pet. And published the American Heart Association scientific statement, the day before yesterday, saying that the acquisition of a pet, it may help to reduce a person's risk of heart disease, although this was linked to lower levels of obesity, blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • A study of more than ‬ 5200 adults, conducted by the American Association for the heart, to that of owned dogs are more active physically than others, because they are the exercise of walking with their dogs, also revealed another search for the effects sedative for pets, which are used in treatment programs help animals.

  • Studies have shown that the manifestations of love and loyalty, provided by pets, can relieve anxiety and stress and depression, and a sense of unity when the owners, as they can increase the feeling of happiness and self-esteem.

  • Review the unconditional love and loyalty, affection and comfort.