Her health care delivery

  • Make here enjoying good health

    In order to preserve the integrity of the family members, you must follow a preventive program for domestic animals includes medical examinations and periodic vaccinations, and dental care. Said program application starts as soon buy a pet so by visiting the veterinarian first to make sure it does not suffer any serious health problems, immediately following this step program that vaccines given to dogs and cats from the age of almost two months.

  • The need to vaccinate dogs home on a regular basis against Parkinson disease and plague, Elsafarh and dog or rabies. It also must be protected from worms (which are parasites in the digestive tract) via tablets drugs that must be addressed every three months. He adds: domestic dogs can be infected by fungi or types of scabies as a result of mixing with stray dogs, which must pay attention to him and consult your veterinarian in case of infection in order to prevent transmission to humans. As well as the exposed dogs during the summer of injury types of parasites are treated with a special ointment placed on the dog's neck.

  • In what singled cats, point to the need to be vaccinated against rabies or dog. It also should be examined from time to time to make sure that being infected with intestinal parasites, fleas or bedbugs, which can affect ocean ear, knowing that the treatment of these injuries when they occur is through drugs prescribed by your veterinarian.

  • Before the acquisition of a pet

    When making the decision breeding animal inside the house, you should pay attention first to the important point is that the infection of pets pose a risk to children and pregnant women, the elderly and people who suffer from certain allergies and asthma, or who suffer from weak immune systems cancer or AIDS. If within the family any of these cases, it is advisable not to acquire a pet.

  • Care rules allowed

    Wash your hands with soap and water after feeding and washing pet or play with him.
    Not to wash the pet in the bathroom of the family, and not allow him to drink water from the toilet.
    Domestic animal feed only allotted food and recommended by the veterinarian, with reference to the feed dogs raw meat leads to injury worms and parasites in the stomach.