Taken care of and treated gently

  • Entertaining companion pet and loyal friend. Distinguish qualities rare notably honesty in expression and gratitude, making his upbringing at home a great experience and unique, but at the same time resulted educator lot of responsibilities, particularly in terms of care of their health and well-being in order to prevent injury infectious diseases that are harmful to the health of family members.

  • Before that human choice is located in the western country on an animal or a pet bird must take into account the size of the house and the size of the animal or bird. For example, a collie dog needs to a large house with a yard or a large garden for exercise; western If a person lives in an apartment must be to make sure that the animals will have the traffic, and then be chosen for birdie or Canary مغرد. This little bird can do most of what it needs from the movement through the game about housing, and does not need more than just a short wander out of the house to breathe fresh air.

  • Cats do not depend significantly on their owners, such as dogs, and favored by many people for this reason. It is quieter and more paper than dogs and favored by some people not to his uncleanness like dogs but they also need exercise outside the home. In the days beautiful cat can run around the park. We must enter the cat to the house at night.

  • There are multiple types of birds suitable Pets good for a small house . She lives in cages occupies a small space , and perhaps happy sung owner and her beauty and her strange behavior at all hours . Falcnara send songs as to how their actions happy stylish and make animals exhilarating . And birds songbirds also musical sounds . And watch the colors bright and active movement is one of the delightful scenes when many people . Australian parrot and one of the most popular and birds can learn to speak it is also a great clown . And can be trained to walk on a tightrope and transit through the tunnel , and to pay to play and pulled to ride in cars and trains in the form of dolls.

  • To fish one advantage over its other pets. It is possible to be left alone for a day or two days without food. Most fish need for food a few times during the week. And you can create a water basin balanced by planting some plants in the basin of aquaculture. The plants provide part of the oxygen that fish need. The water should be changed, but you should add some water from time to time to replace the quantity evaporate. And need some type of tropical fish more attention, such as temperature control and add special foods or provide oxygen bubbles through the water